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Must-Have 2021 Tech For Auto Photographers, Pt. 1

Some say that capturing the perfect shot starts with procuring the right photography equipment, and if that holds true, then plenty of car and automotive photographers are going to be producing a ton of in-frame perfection this coming year. Thanks to a number of new gadget launches in the 2021 market, there’s never been a better or more affordable time to refresh your commercial photography equipment. 

Read on to discover which technology products are trending this year for auto photographers. Be sure to check in again on our blog in the future for more must-have gadgets guides like this one, as well as digital trends in car photography, best practices in the visual arts, and more! If you’re in need of professional service or promotional photos for an upcoming automotive event or gathering of car enthusiasts, or if you simply want to learn more about how to break into the world of commercial photography, please contact David Glessner in Denver today!

Top Tech in 2021 For Amazing Automotive Photography Shoots

Shoot Right With A Ring Light

If you’re at all familiar with the growing number of online “influencers” and brand representatives on social media, you’ve probably heard one or more of these trendsetters make mention of a techie tool called a ring light. Whether your specialty is car photography or portraiture, a ring light can be a highly versatile addition to any artist’s toolbox.

In 2021, we opted for the orb-like Wescott 18” Bi-Color LED Ring Light as our product of choice. With a dim-switch adjustable ring light measuring more than a foot in diameter, plus color temperature toggles (3200K to 5600K) to perfect the warmth or coolness of a frame, you’ll be capturing fire and ice like an expert of the elements with this unbeatable LED illuminator. 

Bulkier Camera, Better Capture: Our Preferred DSLR Camera

The DSLR camera — which stands for digital single-lens reflector) — is a controversial piece of technology amongst some classes of photographers and fellow visual creators. Given its bulky size, the standard DSLR design can be slightly more of a hassle to transport or carry for extended periods of time, but when it comes to versatility, quality, features, and overall performance, there’s no better option for automotive photographers looking to upgrade their results. 

2021 presented a ton of fantastic contenders for the top DSLR camera, but we had to go with the general consensus on this one and agree that, by a landslide, the absolute best in the biz is the Nikon D780. Can it capture the car in the way your artistic eye envisioned it? Explore the specs below and decide for yourself.

Why the Nikon D780 is great for all types of auto photography:

  • Upgraded tech from the last camera model (released in 2014)
  • Phase-detection autofocus with responsive live-view reaction
  • Dual SD card input slots for maximized storage and switch-over
  • LCD screen equipped with multi-directional tilt for all-angle views
  • Extremely impressive cost-to-feature ratio 

Mirrorless Cameras Worthy of Reflection

If the DSLR camera design doesn’t suit your style or workflow needs as a photographer, you’re likely going to opt for a mirrorless model instead. As you might expect, these photo-taking tech tools are lighter than their DSLR counterparts, and they’re also set apart from the competition by their less daunting price tags.

In 2021, we explored many mirrorless cameras and assessed their specs to see which one truly reigned supreme. We ultimately chose the Fujifilm X-T4. Here’s why:

  • Ideal for all — amateurs, enthusiasts, and pro-grade commercial photographers 
  • Design inspired by retro analog control dials
  • Function innovated by modern features
  • Dual Dynamism: Shoots high-res photos and films 4K footage (60 fps)
  • Fully articulating screen, monitor, and multi-axis stabilization shifts

Stay Tuned For More Tech Articles From Our Photography Blog

Thank you for checking out the first installment of our 2021 photography technology series! Stay tuned for more articles throughout the remainder of the year, in which we’ll look at an extensive selection of specific types of photo-enhancing products and categories of professional photography equipment. In the meantime, do you need commercial photography services or a professional solution for covering your next car show? Contact David Glessner today to find why he’s unparalleled and rated as a superior artist on the rise in Denver, Littleton, and surrounding Colorado cities! You can also explore lots of other articles and guides for creators by visiting our blog here.


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