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David Glessner is a commercial photographer based out of Littleton, Colorado, who specializes in capturing a wide range of high-end vehicles and luxury sports cars. He adapts the raw material his camera captures to create stunning works of digital art 

that captivate audiences from all walks of life. 

With each and every shot, David continually 

works to pursue his passion to become the 

top automotive photographer 

in the world.

post-production & Retouching

In today’s modern photography industry, there are countless instances in which retouching and post-production modification are arguably more important than the raw image straight out of camera. This is especially true of many common locations for automotive photography, of those outdoor environments without a lighting crew, without optimal artistic elements or natural reflections, and often even without photography aids such as color-blocking sheets. 


As an automotive photographer, David aims to produce the highest caliber of commercial work, so retouching is a huge aspect of his artistic process and his unique style. Sometimes, the location doesn’t always have million-dollar views or adequate natural lighting, but even a simple addition of artificial illumination can make all the difference.

Here are some of David’s most recent retouching projects.

To see the transformation from raw file to post-production frame, simply swipe to the left. 


If you have any inquiries regarding his skills for automotive and commercial photography, or you have questions about his post-production retouching process, please

contact David Glessner today. 

As an automotive photographer David is striving for commercial work, so retouching is a huge aspect to David’s unique style. Sometimes, the location doesn’t always have million-dollar views or the lighting naturally makes the car look great, but artificial light even makes it better.


Here are some of David’s retouching projects. Just swipe left to see the final result.

918_SPYDER_PORSCHE_porschecolorado_davidglessner (1 of 2) 918_SPYDER_PORSCHE_porschecolorado_davidglessner (2 of 2)
918_SPYDER_PORSCHE_porschecolorado_davidglessner 918_SPYDER_PORSCHE_porschecolorado_davidglessner
BRIXTON_FORGED_porsche_911_denver_davidglessner_retouching BRIXTON_FORGED_porsche_911_denver_davidglessner_retouching

Contact David about your retouching needs


If you like the work that David produces, and you feel his expertise is needed in any photography based project, feel free to contact David. He would be happy to work with you on any projects.




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    David Glessner is available to take on any photography based projects throughout Colorado and anywhere in the world that needs his expertise. Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and David will reach out to you as soon as possible.


    All images are copyright of David Thomas Glessner, please contact him if you are interested in usage. All rights are reserved.


    Denver, Colorado